"Africa semper aliquid novi" - "Always something new out of Africa"


President For Life is a premium menswear brand that fuses traditional design and cosmopolitan sensibilities while supporting meaningful trade with Africa. We make modern classics to express your individuality.

Wearing our boxer shorts, you'll cast yourself for your own extraordinary adventures. We source our high quality cotton fabric from Ghana where it is made in small print runs that are proudly produced by one of Africa's oldest and most renowned textile companies. Tracing back to early 19th century trade, the process of producing this unique fabric originated in Indonesia; was modernized in Europe; and embellished in Africa. The fabric’s name, Dutch Wax, alludes to this international heritage, and refers to the dyeing process when wax is used to adorn cotton with cultural motifs in vibrant, long-lasting colors.

These eye-catching garments are expertly tailored to impeccable standards. 100% made in Ghana by master tailors, each of our boxer shorts is one of a kind and cut for a cozy fit that reflects the craftsmanship of the hands that made it.

Exude confidence and champion your own legend with President For Life.

Contact us at info@presidentforlife.com