Excellent craftsmanship for unique pieces

We guarantee that no President For Life boxer short is identical to another. The patterns in the fabric of each pair of boxers are brought to life by master tailors who carefully construct cohesive images into unique works of art for you to wear.

President For Life unwaveringly upholds its standards for top quality and finishing. No detail is too small. The needlework for our boxer shorts is comparable to the highest standards for luxury apparel. Each boxer short is elegantly finished with clean French seam. While requiring greater effort and more labor, this attention to detail is worth all the energy invested as this finish reinforces the seam, making the garment much more durable. It is both cleaner to look at from the outside and more comfortable to wear from the inside.

Authentic Heritage Fabric

We use authentic Dutch Wax that is made in Ghana. The organic cotton we select is finely-woven, soft, durable, and vibrant. It is also printed on both sides unlike the poorer and lower price imitation fabric available in the market.

The history of Dutch Wax is an international one, with the Dutch adopting Indonesian wax-resistant dyeing, and bringing the technique to West Africa in the 19th century. These fabrics are ubiquitous in African daily life and are usually sold in lengths sufficient to make a single garment. Patterns are selected and garments are tailored for the stylish individual to express the significance of an event or situation.

The Fit

Cut close through the hips and seat, President For Life boxer shorts have a cozy, flattering fit. In other words, it fits just right.

The three panel style seat design avoids an uncomfortable central seam and eliminates the "riding up" effect generally associated with boxer shorts. We feld-lock all our seams and sew fabric over the elastic waistband for a clean finish and to keep it from gripping. For more detailed information on the best fit with President For Life boxer shorts, click here.

With proper care, each pair of shorts will age well without losing its vibrancy and, in fact, grow even more comfortable in time. Note that our garments may shrink slightly when they are washed, but they generally stretch back to their previous size as you wear them.

Collectors’ items

President For Life boxer shorts are collector’s items. Each pair requires individualized attention to produce.

We cannot cost-effectively automate our production process as the fabric is sold in 2, 6 and 12 yard lengths unlike other fabric that is mass-produced and sold on rolls of 100s of yards. Therefore, each garment we make is cut and sewn by hand from a single piece of fabric. We accent each pair of shorts with fine woven, damask labels and a real horn button.

Each run of President For Life boxer shorts is a limited edition. Once that limited edition is sold out, it will not be reproduced again in most cases. So, do not hesitate to buy the boxer shorts you desire today.

We package each of our boxer shorts individually in unfussy, elegant gold boxes that are perfect for gift-giving.

Made in Ghana

Founded in Accra, Ghana, and based in Brooklyn, New York, President For Life is owned by Ghanaians, manufactured by Ghanaians and made in Ghana.

With your purchase you are facilitating employment, livable wages, humane working conditions and helping to bolster a renowned textile industry. In a market saturated with disposability and fast fashion, President For Life provides a handworked, beautiful and timeless alternative crafted with care.