So, what's President For Life about anyway?

President For Life is a purveyor of premium boxer shorts and you can engage with the ideas behind the lifestyle it represents on many levels. Each pair of boxer shorts is one of a kind from limited editions handmade in Ghana by old-school tailors who are masters of their craft.  The beautiful fabric has a rich, cosmopolitan legacy and we use it in a contemporary utilitarian way. The name “President For Life” is as aspirational as it is subversive and controversial as it reclaims the honorific seized upon by tinpot dictators (or more complex visionaries who became dictatorial like Kwame Nkrumah who features prominently on the website) that are caricatured in still persisting popular notions of the typical African leader - a bloodthirsty kleptocrat (e.g., Mobutu, Bokassa or Mugabe).  

President For Life is about living the life you wish to live, doing things differently and celebrating individuality, aspiration and strength as the foundation of happiness. By honoring appropriate context with high quality products, the brand channels these goals into a positive statement about commerce and African productive capacity. Obviously, the name name President For Life presents a bit of a moral thicket -- great art about really bad types of people -- however, what elevates the brand above shock or crass exploitation is our lavish attention to detail, style, and storytelling. The logo, that sits on the front of each pair of shorts, is inspired by the military epaulets of real presidents for life and is a sly bit of sexual innuendo as the ‘I” in “President” forms an arrow that points at the wearer’s “president for life” as it were.  

President For Life featured on AfricaisaCountry

African print fabrics are a hot commodity in mainstream fashion these days. This is polarizing since their use by Western designers eclipses the use by African brands which are rarely in the mainstream spotlight because of such forceful cultural appropriation. Enter President For Life, a brand that does not ignore, obscure, or varnish its origins, pitching luxury in, of all things that one could imagine, men’s underwear. These are definitely not FEED bags nor Tom Shoes that will save the Continent though their products claim to empower African artisans through fair trade. No fast fashion here. Their boxer shorts are limited editions handmade in Ghana by old-school tailors who are masters of their craft. The brand is owned by a Brooklyn-based Ghanaian, Egya Appiah, and sources its high quality cotton fabric from one of Ghana’s oldest and most renowned textile companies.
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President For Love featured in Afri-Love

Kind words for President For Life at Afri-Love.
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President For Life is African Prints in Fashion's Print of the Week

Great to get a hat tip from African Prints in Fashion.  Love the love.

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The FADER salutes President For Life

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Inaugural Post

Finally, we’re live!  We have launched a new premium menswear brand that’s guaranteed to refresh the category of mens underwear.  Take a look around our website and you will see that President For Life is boldly different.  

As The Wall Street Journal confirms, Made In Ghana is a fast growing label and we proudly support Ghanaian textiles and manufacturing. We have pushed to make our garments functional, comfortable and wearable art pieces and Quazi, our photographer and art director, makes a striking visual case for our products.  

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